Never Give Up Always Believe

So Friday night I had a softball game and I was warming up and got hit. I went to catch the ball and the ball hit my glove but my right hand was to close… when it hit my glove my right thumb got hit. When it hit it hurt but I didn’t think anything other than it was jammed at the worst. So I finished my warm ups and went on with it then it started to bruise so I told my coach and i was mad, not mad because she made me ice it, mad because I didn’t know how long I’d have to sit. I thought I was done..  all i could think about was getting into that game, so I sat though several innings cheering on my teammates. Coach started putting in subs and I thought she wasn’t going to put me in I can’t do anything im hut. But she looked at me and said “can you do this?” so i said “ill try my hardest till the end” so she put me on first base. I guess what I’m trying to say is always push yourself because if you believe in yourself others will too, just like my coach did with me. I may not have played my best game but I played that game with my best effort…catching and throwing the ball was hard but batting wasnt. So I knew I had to make up for my mistakes on the field when I stepped up to the plate. I had two doubles and played the hardest I could without using my thumb at all. Then saturday we had two games and I once again tried my hardest but my thumb was blue and purple. I got to bat the first game but after that I cheered for my team wouldnt trait it for anything. Today I can move my thumb a little but it’s still bruised and hurts pretty bad and we have a home game tomorrow so that should be interesting… I hope to be all better and able to play by our game at the latest Wednesday. So this was not my best post.. I mean it was about my thumb and im sorry about that.


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