Boys just don’t get it

Hey guys, I just got home from this amazing date with my boyfriend. I was getting ready for bed when I came up with this idea… so here it goes. Guys think they know everything but the things they think they know are kinda funny. Here’s a few examples.

  1. When we say “yeah I’m fine.”

No we are not fine we are upset/angry,and its probably your fault. The “I’m fine” means everything is not fine we need a hug or something. When I am feeling this way a huge tight hug and a kiss on the forehead seems to fix it all.

2. How the simplest complements mean     the most. 

When you first see your girl and “you smile and say you look great” or “hello beautiful” those mean the world! These mean more than anything you could purchase. Trust me.

3. Why it takes so long to do our makeup. 

We want to look good for you! Don’t complain When we are taking more than 5 minutes doing our makeup… Because this is an art it takes time. We don’t wake up in the morning lookin hot af, it’s a long and sometimes stressful process. The eyes take the longest… Do you know how hard it is to make one wing look exactly like the other, the answer is very hard. Only if they knew.

4. Why girls go to the bathroom in groups.

we go to the bathroom in groups because you never know when you might need them. Also there there to help you fix your hair/makeup/outfit to help you look even more fabulous.

5. How you find hair on everything

guys ask ” is this your hair”? Yes, that’s mine. It’s Annoying… You find it on everything, put on you new shirt and leggings them boom 10 minutes later your covered in it.

Well there’s 5 things guys definitely don’t understand about us. I’m going to be trying to post more this week if everything goes right. So fingers crossed.


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